Better to live your life imperfectly than to live another's perfectly

The Bhagavad Gita



I'm Emma - 

I'm a yoga teacher & student of yoga for 7 years.

I'm also an ex-chronic dieter and survivor of lots a whole long list of different types of eating disorders; 

anorexia, anorexia athletica, orthorexia, binging & purging, body dysmorphia (I will tell you more about this another time). On top of this I also battled depression & anxiety all through those years. 

I spent 13 years feeling stuck in a cycle of chasing health & perfection by working out, dieting, battling cravings and weight fluctuations.


This is how I arrived to path of yoga - broken but ready for a change. Fascinated by the healing yoga brought me, I gave up my career in media to continue to pass on these beautiful teachings that transformed my life.

I primarily teach Rocket Vinyasa, under the Ashtanga lineage. I also teach Mandala, Hatha, Yin & meditation. 

 I have a strong personal Dharma practice. 

I humbly cite my teachers in India (Vikas Rawat & Ashish Rawat), my teachers in London (Leon London & Emi Tull).