What if, instead of relying on diets, rigid exercise regimes and medications or other coping strategies that aren’t sustainable, you could finally overcome the debilitating effects of living with a harmful relationship with food and your body image? 

This12-week immersive mentorship program that will take you through the last 14 years of my experience at warp-speed – you’ll be guided all the way by my step-by-step online content through an exploration of the principles of yoga.


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What previous students said...


In the past I've dressed up my eating disorder with food and training. My attachment to the need to train were masking my feelings of unworthiness and that I must look/lift a certain way to feel valued as a human being. Yoga has helped me finally be at peace with myself. I believe the empathy you have developed through this painful process is also a part of your superpower to heal the hurt that societal expectations and norms are casting over everyone.


Emma's approach is more varied than my previous routines, and it's therefore much more effective and enjoyable. It's more holistic focusing on mindset as well as physical movement. I've been able to embrace and accept my body at the level that it's at. Moving has become something I look forward to and I'm making progress with both my body and my mind. Having Emma's support and guidance has been invaluable.


It's been weeks since my last binge and purge. It's been an incredibly good beginning for me after I was binging & purging everyday. By practicing yoga and meditation with you, I was able to start to focus on my health, not my shape.

 I wanted to thank you. You gave me back hope.  

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