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1, 2, 3... Lift off!


Feb 19th, 2022

Ready to take your practice to the next level? 

In this workshop we’ll breakdown the movements to develop the necessary balance, strength and stability in your arm balances and inversions to you can take your practice to the next level with ease…

If you want to explore techniques to nail down your crow pose or pincha or if you are seeking inspiration to try funkier variations, this is the workshop for you.

Date: February 19th, 2022

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

Location: Yoga Kendra 

Investment: 250 SEK


Light on Rocket Yoga


Feb 26th, 2022

Join me for an Introduction to Rocket Yoga – a playful, energizing and light-hearted workshop exploring a variety of balances, inversions and twists.


If you’ve been practising vinyasa yoga for a few months and are ready to take your practice to the next level, this workshop is for you! In this workshop Emma will safely guide you with drills and tricks to breakdown the signature poses and transitions that makes up the Rocket.

Date: February 26th, 2022

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

Location: Hot Yoga Studio by Østerbo

Previous Workshops...


Rocket Masterclass


Jan 15th, 2022

This Masterclass will be a fun-sweat-filled dynamic practice that breaks all the rules, challenging both the body and the mind. We’ll have some more room to create and discover new possibilities using what’s already in you – expect a good portion of arm balances and inversions to spice things up.

Mix it all together to a euphoric, energetic, and driving playlist, and you have this two-hour Rocket BBQ.


Pincha Mayurasana


Oct 9th, 2021

This Pincha Mayurasana workshop will teach you how to confidently get upside down in the elusive forearm stand.

We will breakdown how to condition your body for forearm stand to develop the necessary strength, stability and flexibility required to get into the pose, and explore what to work on to feel supported and confident once you’re up!

Whether you're just starting to build up your strength and flexibility on your forearms or you're working towards leg variations and transition, this workshop will have something to suit all levels!