Weight Gain and Being HONEST

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

So recently one of the graduates of the Path to Body Liberation program sent something to me that I really feel like I want to share with the world (with her permission of course).

For context, over the past 3 months we worked together. Throughout everyone's time on the Path to Body Liberation program, it's essential for everyone to regularly submit journal entries as a way to process and work through the trauma, challenges and as a way of celebrating the wins along the way.

This was the final journal entry she shared with me and it's such a beautiful reflection of her time on the program, of the inevitable ups and downs on the journey. Having watched her making some incredible deep self-discovery work, successfully establishing a regular yoga practice and incorporating the teachings of yoga into her life has been a true honour for me and a reminder of why I do the work I do. Body liberation and food freedom is worth every tear we shed along the way, every drop of sweat on the mat, every penny/dime we spend on self-care.

Anyway, here is the journal entry:

"In the last 3 months I’ve attempted to practice Intuitive Eating. I’ve come to believe for myself that it best be deemed Honest Eating. One can hardly be intuitive if they are being dishonest with themselves. Honesty with self requires being willing to listen and then follow your own, inner voice. This has been my greatest take-away in the last 3 months as well as some serious weight gain.

lt requires being willing to listen and then follow your own, inner voice. This has been my greatest take-away in the last 3 months as well as some serious weight gain.

It is my nature, unfortunately, to blame others for my pain and suffering or, even more tragically, myself. This morning I realized I don’t have to do the blame game. In fact, what I’ve been through, though really, really difficult, has been quite magnificent. My weight gain, from an onslaught of sweets and refined carbs (the forbidden fruit), is a struggle for my ego. My ego wants me to be slender and petite. My inner voice, the truth about me, just wants me to be comfortable and celebratory in my body. My truth also tells me that I am spiritually most free when I am not guided by fear or exaggerated desire for food. That is the beauty of the Intuitive Eating movement. It helps you eliminate your fear and obsession with the forbidden fruit. It does in fact propel you onto an even playing field where food is ‘just food’. Nothing more, nothing less.

So here I am, in a body that has a lot more physical fat that it had a year ago. I look at my stomach and it looks like someone else’s. But it is mine. It’s the only body I got. My soul voice tells me that, despite the increased volume, my body is it still holy and sacred. My soul voice tells me to not mess with the body but to honor and cherish the temple I am in.

I’m beginning to think and feel that I’ve needed this last 3 months of struggle and significant weight gain. It is like my outer body has needed to mirror my internal transformation into the True Light of Self. I could not have come out of this period without some major shift on all planes of existence; mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical. To honor one’s voice and ignore the sheer tsunami of voices in the world, is a serious undertaking. It is NOT for the faint of heart but I have courage. I always have had courage.

I now have a deep respect for all butterflies who have emerged from their respective cocoons. It is clear that they all have remarkable fight and probably don’t know what they look like either…until they finally take flight and see that no longer are they fuzzy worms but elegant creatures with magnificent wings.

So there it is. I am now free. Free to simply be honest about everything. Honest that I am a being who eats what, when, and how much her soul guides her to eat. It is simple in thought but a true practice of the will. Each day, I have to start out with my breakfast and ask what is it that the body wants to eat. Next, I have to give my soul-body it’s true need and desire. And. Then. Move. On.

I’m exhausted from the last 3 months of utter turmoil, struggle, and transformation. It has been pretty brutal trying to tear apart and beat down the walls of my cocoon. It was pretty thick with self-deception and the self-hatred culled by the world’s brainwashing. I have now freed myself from a self-imposed, world version of “the little me”. The REAL me is here now, standing front and center, in a bigger body and a much bigger form of Self. I am HERE now world. For the better I think. Much better."

The coaches on the Path to Body Liberation are here standing outside your cocoon, encouraging you to fight your way out to freedom.

If you're interested in finding out more, send me a message.

I sincerely wish you all the success and light on this path.

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